Hey world, I’m Brandon Solis. I like words, etymology, nomenclature, ligatures, gerunds, idioms, pictures, moving pictures, the rule of thirds, saturated photos, industrial design, bauhaus, modern furniture, French elegance, Italian pomp, Japanese humility, Japanese magazines, magazines, books about advertising, paper stock, old paintings, the way acrylics dry, the sound of steel balls in a spray can, nice clothes, effortless style, premium denim, shoes that have stupid nicknames, nicely fit jackets, hair product, hair cuts, hats, espresso, coffee machines, delicious coffee, gastronomy, organic food, farmers markets, culture, subculture, politics, logical thoughts, travel, the ocean, all kinds of snowboarding, talking shop, Manchester United, the sound of language, cool families, and people who try to not suck at life.

This site will mostly be blog based, so I’ll steal your stuff and put it here and do my best to not take credit for it. Likewise, I’ll post some of my stuff here and it’s encouraged you show your friends and make sure to send me the royalty check. Other than that, listen to me say shit, and when you do, make it in a funny Cockney accent because I sound nothing like that. Best.

Creative. Time traveller. Compulsive truest.
|| www.brandonsolis.com ||


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