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Making Paper

Art. Applied art. Selling out. Killing time. It’s all the same to me. Visual problem solving is something I’ve been doing all my life. Even the words I write are just a means to an end. An end that makes pictures in my mind.

I grew up making paper cut outs. Like most kids, it’s one of the first artistic expressions we’re taught in kinder. It’s slightly after, “here’s how to scribble,” “stay inside the lines,” and “don’t run with these.” Making cut outs made it easier for me to express myself. In fact, 14 years ago I made a cut out card for my now wife that officially started our relationship.

Trimming paper into shapes was my gateway to how I dress (patterns, architecture, draping) to what I do professionally (communications planning, idea visualization). Seeing the largest collection of Matisse cut-outs was like meeting my maker. Seeing how these flat objects were masterfully cutout, sometimes in a single stroke, other times in minuscule iteration. It’s like toggling the bezier on an anchor-point for what seems like minutes just to get your curves right. Something so small, inevitably something so much more.

How, what seemingly looks like child’s work, was a groundbreaking art direction of the time. This was 3D printing. This was perspective twisting, 4-dimensional wild style graffiti. This is a reminder to never take creativity for granted. There were teams of people helping assemble Matisse’s visions. Crafting. Editing. Drafting. Painstaking.

When some people see it, it’s just paper. When I see it, it’s papel.

Henrti Matisse, The Cut-Outs on display at MoMa until Feb 8 2015

File photo of an employee posing with Henri Matisse's artworks at the Tate Modern gallery in London



Feeling the Crew

How can you not love a women with a “high-low look that reflects her own boy-girl style–androgyny with some sequins and a dash of nerdy glasses” in this town? That’s how FastCo described J.Crew head chic in charge Jenna Lyons. Just the thot of the look instinctively makes me reach for my sunglasses to hide my lurk. Over the weekend a friend and I were talking about upcoming summer looks and dumb shit only vain Four Pinners would tither over, but J.Crew and menswear entered the convo.

Honestly, I have a soft spot for the Crew. At my current job, as in most advertising jobs, they asked me to name my favorite ad. (The worst right?) I couldn’t name a thing because I don’t own a TV and most pre-roll spots are shit. Instead, I named J.Crew as a platform. At the time, they had me by the balls. Gaming me up on Chippewa, Stutterheim, etc without having to depend on the internet and the frothy comments sections. Just real life dopeness. Especially the Liquor Store and the few menswear specialty shops. There’s shelves full of vintage Swinglines and stacks of Japanese magazine Lightning. Now, don’t mix this up with the outlets or suburban mall shit. That’s like saying all Nikes are dope. Realistically, the triple-zero tiered, ZOMG Nick Wooster is rocking ’em, #veryrare stuff isn’t the same as the Sports Authority team sports, BOGO stuff. J.Crew knew that “playing curator was also a branding strategy” and so did I. Respect.

But, back to the weekend’s conversation, this is New Jack City, New Money City, slay for days city. As much as I love the mission of what Lyons and co are doing, just because Pepsi ads are sweet, doesn’t mean I’m popping tabs on sugar water. For that look we were discussing, watch this space.

Me and the dude Big Gee SD pulling hard on that J.Crew look circa 2011.
big gee sd brandon chelsea ny visit

Something Cup

Just some throw-up I did for my World Cup campaign. Supposed to be used as a deck cover…but, I’ll be sure to get on that.


Street Chassé

DDB NY and the New York City Ballet dance together to entice younger fans’ patronage. (So, it’s not all black birds and lesbians tho?)

Dope series by Faile.




Power Hours Mas

I haven’t done one of these in a couple of months…so I did a hand full. Not all of them taking an hour, but nothing more than that. It was fun to do it just off of memory and just do a study of my illustration style. Boredom at its most productive.









Just some random stuff I did when I was thinking about how awesome Blinky is from The Simpsons. I mean, he has three eyes. Think of all the benefits! If I had the ability to mutate, what would I add? (No, not that. I have one of those already and it occupies waaaay too much of my time as is…plus, what would I do with two belly buttons?)



Manc v Manu

I’m amped and busted for the match tomorrow. These derbies kill me. I’m not English, but thinking of the difference between the two biggest teams in the EPL is massive to me. What’s the difference between the red and blues of Manchester? This W+K spot for ESPN will sort you out. Good shit. I’ve watched enough football and listened to enough Dizzee Rascal to watch the video first and not need a translator.

So Un/Necessary

Not sure how well these make the perfect part, but cutting some slack on precision, some nifty looking combs. Slap a Supreme logo on there and hear the HypeBeast swoons across the globe.


No Pixels

Just trying to develop a new habit of thumbing through the New Yorker, you know, trying to be a new New Yorker. Dope illustrations, lovely style.

Why Have I Never Seen This?


Yes, this is a Nokia ad. Yes, this isn’t real. Yes, it’s from JWT Beijing. Yes, it’s still amazing.