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Feeling the Crew

How can you not love a women with a “high-low look that reflects her own boy-girl style–androgyny with some sequins and a dash of nerdy glasses” in this town? That’s how FastCo described J.Crew head chic in charge Jenna Lyons. Just the thot of the look instinctively makes me reach for my sunglasses to hide my lurk. Over the weekend a friend and I were talking about upcoming summer looks and dumb shit only vain Four Pinners would tither over, but J.Crew and menswear entered the convo.

Honestly, I have a soft spot for the Crew. At my current job, as in most advertising jobs, they asked me to name my favorite ad. (The worst right?) I couldn’t name a thing because I don’t own a TV and most pre-roll spots are shit. Instead, I named J.Crew as a platform. At the time, they had me by the balls. Gaming me up on Chippewa, Stutterheim, etc without having to depend on the internet and the frothy comments sections. Just real life dopeness. Especially the Liquor Store and the few menswear specialty shops. There’s shelves full of vintage Swinglines and stacks of Japanese magazine Lightning. Now, don’t mix this up with the outlets or suburban mall shit. That’s like saying all Nikes are dope. Realistically, the triple-zero tiered, ZOMG Nick Wooster is rocking ’em, #veryrare stuff isn’t the same as the Sports Authority team sports, BOGO stuff. J.Crew knew that “playing curator was also a branding strategy” and so did I. Respect.

But, back to the weekend’s conversation, this is New Jack City, New Money City, slay for days city. As much as I love the mission of what Lyons and co are doing, just because Pepsi ads are sweet, doesn’t mean I’m popping tabs on sugar water. For that look we were discussing, watch this space.

Me and the dude Big Gee SD pulling hard on that J.Crew look circa 2011.
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Street Chassé

DDB NY and the New York City Ballet dance together to entice younger fans’ patronage. (So, it’s not all black birds and lesbians tho?)

Dope series by Faile.




Manc v Manu

I’m amped and busted for the match tomorrow. These derbies kill me. I’m not English, but thinking of the difference between the two biggest teams in the EPL is massive to me. What’s the difference between the red and blues of Manchester? This W+K spot for ESPN will sort you out. Good shit. I’ve watched enough football and listened to enough Dizzee Rascal to watch the video first and not need a translator.

Why Have I Never Seen This?


Yes, this is a Nokia ad. Yes, this isn’t real. Yes, it’s from JWT Beijing. Yes, it’s still amazing.

Taking Shots

I hate these people. I know I’m going to sound like a camera hipster, but I learned to shoot on a manual film camera. I had to develop my film and enlarge my prints. So, when DSLRs became the norm, it really drove me nuts with all these hee-haws and yuppies thinking they’re Ansel Adams…or the very least, capable of making a blown out Facebook selfie. It’s like DJs and Serato. But, just because I learned it differently, I don’t hate the technology, I just despise the one’s who don’t appreciate it enough. Great job here by Havas Worldwide and Sony.

Stacks on Stacks

Authentic American Style. Good work PF Flyers and Antler Agency.


It’s like a retake on the cult classic “They Live” sans any WWF stars wearing kilts and wayfarers.

What it Dew

Before energy drinks and iced coffee were all the rage, I’d get my heart racing via the green stuff. Sure it rotted your teeth, made your pee glow, and made you crash like Steve-O in a shopping cart…but damn those fast flying 30 minutes of soda induced euphoria really got me through elementary school. Not too sure how I honestly feel about Bloomberg’s desire to crack down on large sodas in Manhattan…but I’m sure glad Mountain Dew wants to stand up for something.





Hidden Feelings

I remember my first trip to New York a few years back and being so proud of the giant billboard on the side of Manhattan Mini Storage’s Chelsea building. I was shocked that such an opinionated voice would be so large and visible, especially that of a commercial business that isn’t necessarily targeting one side of the aisle over another. It’s just storage. Then I realized that’s why this country is great, this city is amazing, and advertising isn’t all Sham-Wow. Can’t wait to see what is unleashed as we get closer to November.