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Something Cup

Just some throw-up I did for my World Cup campaign. Supposed to be used as a deck cover…but, I’ll be sure to get on that.



Power Hours Mas

I haven’t done one of these in a couple of months…so I did a hand full. Not all of them taking an hour, but nothing more than that. It was fun to do it just off of memory and just do a study of my illustration style. Boredom at its most productive.









Just some random stuff I did when I was thinking about how awesome Blinky is from The Simpsons. I mean, he has three eyes. Think of all the benefits! If I had the ability to mutate, what would I add? (No, not that. I have one of those already and it occupies waaaay too much of my time as is…plus, what would I do with two belly buttons?)



Reading Nobility

Even when moving to New York, the city that consumes (perfect choice of word) the most magazines in the United States, there is still an irreverence to the medium. To my surprise actually, especially considering how much I love magazines, I hoped there would be a greater celebration here. To alleviate the humdrum of publications and garner further enthusiasm, here is a campaign idea I came up with a few months back…please, forgive the aspect ratio.

ESPN 2014 World Cup

I did this fun little UX video explaining my campaign for ESPN 2014 World Cup on a GoPro because I was tired of After Effects and that look. I really like the “reel” type of thing, but figured this was an opportune time to be silly.

Yeah, This Works

I fucking hate QR codes…but Purple Dragon QR codes? #nextlevel

Making Moves

One way tickets purchased.

CBTL in Boston?

A campaign I did for fun last year when thinking of the horror that there’s only one CBTL in New York in the entire east coast. i ❤ purple straw. My favorite aspect of the campaign is really the beginning part for tablet users. The future of advertising in publication is via digital magazines and there's so much potential to have an expansive campaign within one ad that I don't see being utilized to its potential yet.


Just did a quick synch on my iPhone with iPhoto and gosh I really miss the satisfaction of developing and having tangible prints. Home printers, for the most part, are not lab quality or price effective enough.