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Taking Shots

I hate these people. I know I’m going to sound like a camera hipster, but I learned to shoot on a manual film camera. I had to develop my film and enlarge my prints. So, when DSLRs became the norm, it really drove me nuts with all these hee-haws and yuppies thinking they’re Ansel Adams…or the very least, capable of making a blown out Facebook selfie. It’s like DJs and Serato. But, just because I learned it differently, I don’t hate the technology, I just despise the one’s who don’t appreciate it enough. Great job here by Havas Worldwide and Sony.


Afro Punk Fest

Some weird reason (probably because I now regularly charge my iPhone on my iPad charger) my phone died 20 minutes after I left my apartment and I didn’t have my phone to take in the sights and sounds of Afro Punk Fest. If there were an app for it, I prolly woulda taken in the smells too (ganj, grub, and good smelling apothecary). So, I lifted these pics of day two of the event that pretty much surmise my experience (and we all know how predictable Instagram photos can be).

Making Moves

One way tickets purchased.

Old York

I miss the good ol’ days where the Highline actually had boxcars running on it where you’d pay for car-dates in actual roses, when we useta pose for all male group pictures on highwires like fancy gents, and we didn’t need all your fancy devil’s lectricity because the blinding might of our lord shot through the winders like the pureness of the sun’s eye. Baaah.

When Hell Freezes Over

And I start reading real books instead of my digital, robot KindlePad and there’s no more internets, you may find me seeking shelter in one of these wordy igloos.

Out of Your League

Not too sure how many deep is this…but fucking rad photo.


If there wasn’t SpankWire or PornHub and I was flying out on what might probably be my last mission or I needed to take the edge off of killing hundreds of people from a tin can being magically propelled through the heavens…some eye candy would help.

Sit and Live

Can’t wait to get another opportunity to design out my dwelling. Just making one of those spots in your house that you can relax in and stare at your phone while getting your ass handed to you in Scramble by an 11 year old sounds like such an accomplishment.


Thanks to @felice_alcid for sharing her Instagram gems. Faces from nothing but that say everything. It’s actually called apophenia, where humans see or recognize faces in inanimate objects and was once considered a type of psychosis.

On a Boat…Bitch

Living on a boat seems kinda hobo…but these are rad.