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Grande Biscotti

Is this the turning point in beverages? Like the genesis of when the sandwich and burrito were invented? Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi for the Italian coffee brand Lavazza prototypes the edible mug. A nice cookie always closes out the palette after a delicious coffee.



What it Dew

Before energy drinks and iced coffee were all the rage, I’d get my heart racing via the green stuff. Sure it rotted your teeth, made your pee glow, and made you crash like Steve-O in a shopping cart…but damn those fast flying 30 minutes of soda induced euphoria really got me through elementary school. Not too sure how I honestly feel about Bloomberg’s desire to crack down on large sodas in Manhattan…but I’m sure glad Mountain Dew wants to stand up for something.





Yes We Can

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Warhol Campbell’s Soup can, Campbell’s is releasing these this Sunday at Target for 75cents. Will be a nice addition to that Kaws and/or Futura Hennessy bottles…but definitely a weird lunch.





Not All Black and White

It was interesting to me when someone made the comparison to @Oreo‘s almost daily TwitPic to the new “print” ad. It’s easily understood when the concept is viewed, but actually in a place where people are more likely to get their daily reading in modern times. I even started following them and regularly began dunking this American classic into a cold glass of cow juice like a school boy. Good, creamy, chocolatey stuff DraftFCB.

Breaking Bad

Not sure what the street value is on the product rendered, but guarans it’ll keep you awake and help you kick your addiction to that crappy, watered down stuff.

Hatsu Dagu

Japadog in St Marks Place Manhattan. Damn these delicious weenies.

Butterfly, uhh-uh That’s Old

I found one of these in my pocket…I’m not sure the last time I was in a time machine and why/where/how it ended up in my pocket but I tried to eat it anyway…to no avail. Nor am I really sure how this candy from 1896 stayed in business this long when the world of chocolatiers were making other delicious things hundreds of years prior, but I guess it’s the American way to water down and synthesize an old world gem for capital.

But this, I do endorse.


Like legit-git eat on the streets crepe.

Cool Summer

It’s almost hot enough out here for ice cream. Too bad this isn’t Russia where I can get these awesomely infused ice cream pops. Surely they go good with vodka and a furry hat.

The Four Corn Fields

I really want to eat this right now…haven’t been here in like four months. Sure, my heart rate is better and I don’t sweat playing DrawSomething anymore…but damn. #CHOLO (Chicano Habits Only Live Once)