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Manc v Manu

I’m amped and busted for the match tomorrow. These derbies kill me. I’m not English, but thinking of the difference between the two biggest teams in the EPL is massive to me. What’s the difference between the red and blues of Manchester? This W+K spot for ESPN will sort you out. Good shit. I’ve watched enough football and listened to enough Dizzee Rascal to watch the video first and not need a translator.


King Cantona

20 years ago Manchester United signed Eric Cantona, later to be known as “The King”. But, more importantly, how freaking smart are these kits? And yes, you can still find some online.

Viva CR7

Always a fan of football streetwear stuff. This upcoming season’s drop for CR7 and Nike.

Day in the Park

Gonna miss Park Ji Sung running around and giving his all for Manchester United. I’m not Korean, but when he did something good on the pitch I’d often get the approving look and head nod from strangers while at the pub. True story. Park was at Manchester United for the past seven years and an integral player when the team needed dependable, consistent performances. He is a hero in South Korea, being their national captain during 2008-2010 World Cup campaign and a star player since 2002. His on-the-pitch game is so cherished he was one of the few players to get a government pardon to forgo the mandatory military service all South Korean males must serve. He’ll go down as a fan favorite, but at 31 he probably wants to get more playing time, which is tough in a team with a terrific midfield like the Red Devils. All the luck at QPR Three Lung Park!

Preemptive Agony

Not quite over the past season of failure…not even time to start getting let down with England in the Euros yet, but liking some of the pieces for the Manchester United 12-13 season already.

Time is Now

I’m not actually a huge fan of the parent commercial when comparing it to the previous big Nike football pieces (this is actually similar to an older one where all the stars come out and play a gigantic game)…but I do like the “tunnels” aspect of the piece. Basically, throughout the commercial you can click parts to get additional content within the video. So, there’s vignettes, pop-ups, and microsites all throughout the piece. Having those elements and a cursor-reactive aspect do make for an “interactive” spot that keeps a user on the page for a really long time. It’s optimized for an actually computer, not for mobile, and is driven off of the /nikefootball youtube page. Limited, yes. The future? definitely. There are so many roll outs from this. Definitely gonna see some awards out of this campaign. Plus, they used a tagline I did for a piece like 10 years ago. lol.

Real ‘Murrican Football

Don’t usually rock a USA soccer kit, but this year’s are pretty dopage.

Different Strokes

Dope advert from W+K and Nike. Nadal is actually a huge Real Madrid fan too.

Don’t forget to turn the captions on if you don’t understand Es-pahn-yole.