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Off Trak

Went to the A-Trak show this weekend. Opener was Salva and, more notably, also featured a set by Cam’ron.

On paper, this night made so much sense. It checked all the boxes in my life and was destined to be a non-stop party with all my cultural kinfolk. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. The trap kids didn’t seem as nostalgically enamored with Manny Fresh. The Clams Casino air craps dancing crowd didn’t care for Duck Sauce disco. Molly popping glowstick charmers (insert Diplomats homo-phobic interjection) didn’t care for the fact A-Train (#notypo) only used two turntables, mostly no headphones, and did some Roc Raida-esque body tricks on a juggle. WTF? How? Why?

Has over genrizing music and culture muddled the fuck out of taste? You paid $25 on a Saturday to come to Terminal 5, which isn’t close to anything else dope, to lose your shit. Stop doing your best American Apparel window mannequin impersonation when Dipset “Salute” closes the night because you don’t feel the wom-woms down your spine. Stop throwing flags during a DJ Snake track because he ain’t hiiiip hoooopppp. Let loose.

Other than me getting mad frustrated at people not allowing themselves to enjoy the night, this entire event fucking rooled and was mind blowing.

Here’s me trying to breakdown an A-Trak set:
a trak diagram


Bout This Life

I’m not a huge fan of Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino…just because he’s like satirical, slick talk backpack…which, is totally like my personality, but just not my cup of tea. Nonetheless, liking the visuals of L.E.S.

Tee You Are Tee El Ee Power

I still spell “turtle” in my head with this song. I want pizza.

Support the Troops

Why do I want these? Well, in theory I do, but I probably wouldn’t rock ’em.

Unrelated to the brand, Troop singing the jam.

A$AP Tubs

Actually, the highlight for me is Flatbush Zombies…saw those kids at Afro Punk Fest and the crowd was live. Ironically.

Afro Punk Fest

Some weird reason (probably because I now regularly charge my iPhone on my iPad charger) my phone died 20 minutes after I left my apartment and I didn’t have my phone to take in the sights and sounds of Afro Punk Fest. If there were an app for it, I prolly woulda taken in the smells too (ganj, grub, and good smelling apothecary). So, I lifted these pics of day two of the event that pretty much surmise my experience (and we all know how predictable Instagram photos can be).

Trill OG Ginger

When your song on SoundCloud has recommendations of Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Weezy, French Montana, and Black Cobain it has to mean something. Another soul turner by King Krule here.

If You Ain’t First, You’re Last

Not sure how that applies here, but my country taught me to be a winner…no matter what.