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In Reverse

A thing to love about #TBT, other than seeing how your co-workers used to look before they weathered the storm that is their careers, is brands digging through their archives to air themselves out. Not mad at this UPS gem that looks straight off a mood board for The Incredibles. There are probably loads of sweet Sears avant-garde pleated chinos or back of the comic decoder rings in that parcel.

This Dukes of Hazzard Domino’s fleet doe? I can imagine getting my Hand Tossed rush delivered through ramping streets in accompaniment of “yeeehaaaaz”. Uggh, nvm. I just pictured what my regular Domino’s crew would look like in Daisy Dukes. Never again.


War on Surf


From Jan 23-28, MoMA will be screening a film shot by Andy Warhol in La Jolla, CA about surfing. The storyline is about a family renting a house out to some surfers, and, if it’s anything like Warhol’s other film pet-projects from the 1960’s, it’ll be artfully, erratic and majestically non-purposeful. Nonetheless, being from San Diego and having dropped into hundreds of Scripps’ rolling, slopey lefts and duck-diving my lungs out during the 100 yard paddle out, I’ll be honored to go watch it. Plus, it’s a block away from 53rd and 6th Halal. Tubular.

Power Hours Mas

I haven’t done one of these in a couple of months…so I did a hand full. Not all of them taking an hour, but nothing more than that. It was fun to do it just off of memory and just do a study of my illustration style. Boredom at its most productive.









Just some random stuff I did when I was thinking about how awesome Blinky is from The Simpsons. I mean, he has three eyes. Think of all the benefits! If I had the ability to mutate, what would I add? (No, not that. I have one of those already and it occupies waaaay too much of my time as is…plus, what would I do with two belly buttons?)



Tee You Are Tee El Ee Power

I still spell “turtle” in my head with this song. I want pizza.

Things I Know

Just having a convo with my friend, who I’m only like 4 years older than, and I made a reference to “budussy”…then he didn’t know the word. I said it was in a Bill Bellamy movie…then he didn’t know who that was. So…gotta learn today.

Center of the Universe

This movie > The Expendables

Livingroom for Peasants

Might as well be cinder blocks, milkcrates, and lawn chairs.

How a Boomerang Works

As a kid, I could swear it was magic. I remember my success rate, no thanks to two-story houses and a patch of eucalyptus trees, was less than half. After one would get lost or stuck in a tree, I’d beg my dad to buy me another one. Why did they seem so popular in the 90’s? Crocodile Dundee, Ninja Turtles, Zelda, and the Mario Bros.

Funnily enough, I watched this in the theaters with my brother…how awkward for an eight year old.

The Worm

I stopped watching basketball as a kid when Jordan retired. It just didn’t make sense to me after that. It just wasn’t Jordan himself, it was the entire landscape of basketball that shifted. The rivalries, the comparisons, the teammates, etc. One of my favorite players to play along MJ was Dennis Rodman. The juxtaposition of the poster boy and the anti-christ was such a joy to witness. lol at the times he’d try to shoot the three.