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Design Principles

I don’t think my stance on politics is a mystery, but I’m definitely not an overt, jam-it-down-your-throat kinda guy either (heyoo). I was just looking at the two sites for Obama and Romney today and knew my choice for presidential candidate was steadfast by the designs. Really. Mind you I am a design nerd, but the site that appeals to me more aesthetically and informationally aligns with who I am voting for.

Here’s the screen captures above the fold:

This visual cluster fuck doesn’t make me feel good about anything. Not only is there way too much copy shouting for attention, the messages are superficially confusing. Then the layout is so stagnant, everything is on an island of its own. There’s no flow or visual hierarchy. How is a lowly educated, ESL swing-state voter even going to decipher this website? The typeface mix of serifs and san-serifs is horrendous too. If you’re going to use serifs, make sure the words are still clear and legible…what are you trying to hide by making those beautiful details too small? The typography itself is just as bad. Apparently there are no guide-rulers in blue states. I, surprisingly, see more left justification than right justification, a lot of cop out centricity, and words covering faces liked masked men on a train heist.

Similar color story here with Obama…much like many political candidates. But I like the touch of that midnight blue aka purple. It adds to the Bruce Wayne. Nice black bar to divide the content from the visual header, separates but still smoothly flows into the content. A lot of the popular Gothic Revolution typeface going, a little mingling of some sheared, script too, but not hard to read. The content layout is blog based, relevant to the casualness of the demographic I suppose. A lot of social interaction and ownership of the campaign is available and not delivered in an overbearing way. I don’t really get that feeling of Uncle Sam pointing at me and making demands like I did on the other site.

I didn’t have the time to do a comparison of the swag available for donations from the candidates yet…but let’s just say Urban Outfitters vs Wal Mart. You decide.



I’ve come to this realization, that given my current circumstances and life situation, I am not who I was, or can be for that matter. This came about because I don’t feel at the top of this pyramid…but it’s okay, I have new challenges in life and it put me down a few rungs. But once I get back on my “A” game though, watch the fuck out.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Class Act

Today’s rant was led on by this article from Paul Begala “Middle Class, R.I.P.

For you who waive that red state flag proudly and high, take a look in the mirror. I’m not a staunch anything, but I’m a supporter for people who support me. First of all, put your personal religion aside, that’s the separation between church and state, now we can talk. Now if you’re still a proud believer in the Republican ethos ask yourself if they really give a fuck about you. Do you make more than $100k? (Not household income mind you, there are many overtime, double shift, work slaves that do that…just ask any Filipino mom who is a nurse). How many businesses do you own? Of those businesses, how many of them are corporations with more than 20 employees? Now I’m pretty sure you’re either answering “no” or “zero” to those questions if you’re reading this. So why ignorantly support them? Oh, gun control and civil liberties? Well, both sides of the aisle are tossers on that too. Since I’m talking about firearms, there’s an argument on possession that makes me laugh. “Well guns don’t kill people, stupid people do” or some bullshit NRA slogan. Sure, I think owning a firearm is great as a hobby or as a way to have a piece of mind regarding safety (but so are many other things), but controlling/monitoring who should be able to own and operate one is key, which some current gun owners agree. But that takes infrastructure and bureaucracy…which takes tax dollars to fund…which most of those people who care about owning guns don’t want to pay more of…which are the same people who also don’t want to get monitored by the “man”. Sounds like a paradox.

I guess my point right now is like this: many people who are sports fans are blind followers. They’d say “I support such and such a team because they’re my hometown team.” It’s because you think they’re like you. (When honestly they’re not, how many pro players play for their local team?) If you use that type of logic, support politics that are like you. Not like what you think you are (with your maxed out credit cards on shit you cannot afford…you want an econ lesson too?). If you’re a player follower (supports a player over a team) I have mad respect for you. It’s because you make the choice to understand a player and what they’re about and then believe in them where ever they may play. Do that with your politics too, please. If you don’t know, don’t be shy to learn. Take 30 minutes less time watching some other TV BS and read a little. It’ll help. Then you can help yourself. If you don’t take the time, shut up.

Trend Snatchers

I think being on pulse is always good and being ahead is better…dangerous, but better. When Guttersnipe did football inspired wear like 5 years ago The Hundreds was doing cherry all-over print. Cool shirts, but probably another hop-on trend for TH. (See “Hawaiian Streetwear”).

Cross My Art

Interesting that Hypebeast posted this poll recently, I was having a conversation with my friend Bob about the under appreciation of art despite its impactfulness on society. From a maniacal vision expressed onto canvas, how that trickles down to how many hours a person puts in at the deep frier at McDonald’s, to what civilizations eons from now will think of us…it gets gnarly. There’s a very linear path there. I’m not an Art History major (I have a shiet recall for specifics) nor can I illustrate much better than a crude Denny’s kid’s menu placemat…but I respect the shit out of art. Visiting museums is one of the things I love to do, it goes hand-in-hand with my versions of creativity. To a certain extent, I even feel that until my professional creations can garner the income to purchase others’ creations I adore, I’m not a success.

Old York

I miss the good ol’ days where the Highline actually had boxcars running on it where you’d pay for car-dates in actual roses, when we useta pose for all male group pictures on highwires like fancy gents, and we didn’t need all your fancy devil’s lectricity because the blinding might of our lord shot through the winders like the pureness of the sun’s eye. Baaah.

Fire Starters

I enjoy the act of growth. People change, life changes, but those changes shouldn’t come in times of peril and distrust. There’s a difference between evolution and disillusion, just sadly some people don’t realize that. What I’m really talking about is realationships (not a typo). I believe people were meant to grow, network, and make circles, because that’s how our species got here. If we were all still sitting in our caves being hermits, we couldn’t have built the pyramids…or something like that. But, on that same token, if we were all hoarding unhealthy relationships, we end up sinking our own boats across the Delaware. With that said…don’t burn bridges you little fucks. There’s nothing wrong with not using that bridge for a while and let it collect dust or get overbarren with weeds…but one day you might have to double back for one reason or another and you don’t have time to bust out the straightedge and compass to rebuild. In gist, wise the fuck up people and know what you’re worth and keep on truckin.

Was gonna make a graphic for this myself today…but a michelada calls. braaap.

One Place to Be

Top Man. Opening in Las Vegas today. Nutso.

live streaming video from pdwxtopshop at

I remember when they opened up in NYC, living in San Diego, CA, it was still a big deal, but it was only a once a year visit type of thing…so it didn’t effect me too much. It’s like when H&M opened here, I thought it would take the cool sting out of it for me. But it didn’t. Just like when we had a Bape LA, it doesn’t matter who has access to something, even something “exclusive”, it’s what you do with it. I think kids will get their hipster, had-it-first vintage woven panties in a knot with this Las Vegas opening though. I know I kinda felt the same way about a few stores breaking ground here in America, especially after I paid for my merch in Pounds. Shit, even on sale it was still expensive with the currency conversion. But, with the nature of fast fashion, no matter where on the planet it’s from or being sold, you always have to stay ahead to stand out. So, another one of your secrets may be outted, but now you just have to work a little harder kiddos.