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Taking Shots

I hate these people. I know I’m going to sound like a camera hipster, but I learned to shoot on a manual film camera. I had to develop my film and enlarge my prints. So, when DSLRs became the norm, it really drove me nuts with all these hee-haws and yuppies thinking they’re Ansel Adams…or the very least, capable of making a blown out Facebook selfie. It’s like DJs and Serato. But, just because I learned it differently, I don’t hate the technology, I just despise the one’s who don’t appreciate it enough. Great job here by Havas Worldwide and Sony.


Lost in Time

Speaking of cars, I was always a fan of the BMW 2002. About seven years ago one of my cousins thought it was a new-ish car. FML. Not a huge bimmer guy, but I’d make an exception for this or a late 80’s M5.

Hyper Beast Whip

It’s dope living in NYC and seeing how people rep their BAPE. It’s like kids from Brooklyn who probably saved up their allowance and are mixing thrifted pieces with a nice BAPE tee with cut off sleeves or there’s some Wall Street Day Trader who is dipped but styled like he’s walking High Street. There are the dumb HypeBeast kids wandering about too, but usually their tourists as illustrated with their Top Shop, UNIQLO, Supreme shopping bags en route to Lombardi’s or Rice to Riches. Anywho, this whip is Monaco ready.

Watching Simplicity

Dope and want. Braun.

Fully Framed

Love the NEX series, but Sony has a full frame sensor that is gonna shit on the micro 4/3s in quality and compactness. It’s priced at $3k, so a more affluent customer in mind, but if it is going to reinvent a category like it did with the NEX, this is gonna be worth it. It’s like an affordable Leica…like.




Center of the Universe

This movie > The Expendables

How a Boomerang Works

As a kid, I could swear it was magic. I remember my success rate, no thanks to two-story houses and a patch of eucalyptus trees, was less than half. After one would get lost or stuck in a tree, I’d beg my dad to buy me another one. Why did they seem so popular in the 90’s? Crocodile Dundee, Ninja Turtles, Zelda, and the Mario Bros.

Funnily enough, I watched this in the theaters with my brother…how awkward for an eight year old.

New Layars

This is actually a more usable form of the Layar AR technology IMO, because Google Goggles will kill the existing Layar usage. But, imagine getting a lookbook from a brand and having the buyer experience the video or behind the scenes of the product instantaneously. I still believe that digital magazines are the future, but what a great opportunity to spice up print.

World Wide Where

Spectrum Interactive brings WiFi hotspots to London’s iconic phone boxes. Starting as a beta project, people can use the WiFi booth once they sign in by providing their phone number and downloading a coupon for a nearby business. For internet access, that’s not too bad, considering how much of our souls we lend out to the GoogleBook in exchange to tell your “friend” you like a photo of a shitty sunset.

Boom Booms

Kinda digging this bluetooth enabled $300 new version of Jawbone’s Big Jambox…but it’d have more of a fun nostalgia if there was a third party skin maker who came up with perforated covers to mimic the boxes hip hop fell in love with. It’d offer more cache for your desktop topped with vinyl toys and tagging markers wouldn’t it? Plus I’d hate to actually Krink the fuck outta this modern, piece of Lego-looking technology.