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Color Blind

As a yute from Southern California, it was easy to be in a gang. Based on locale and ethnicity, you’re either a crip or a blood. Simple. I never really ran with either of them because I couldn’t see the logic in getting in fights with people over colors…I mean they both looked so good on me, it was like Sophie’s Choice. How criminal would it be to be a Bulls fan and a crip? Nonetheless, as much as I feel at home here now in New York, I wish I had the options of picking a side with much more flair and style. A Jet, Bowery Boy, Warrior, or what have you…at least you had pizzaz. (mmmm. Pizza.)






Thom Thom

I really want these. But, who are we kidding?

Pretty amped on the new, “lower” price point Thom Grey stuff. Not sure yet exactly how many shades I have to wear to get women in heat comfortably into wrist wraps. BRB.


Had an epiphany the other day. “You lose all this weight and can’t find a reason to take your shirt off? Why not tuck in your t-shirt to show off that frame?” Yes. Gentlemen, you won’t look like a brazzer with a little tuck. Make sure to be even bolder when taking the next step and bypass the belt…also, do it with jeans. Why not flaunt those perfectly fit pair of snug denim by showcasing the waist? Trust.

Rubber Band Man

This is the one thing I did today that didn’t make me feel bloated and sleepy. (From end to beginning, cause I’m confusing).








Inception Concept and Pause Worthy

(found via a Tumblr, so who knows where it came from.)